Sat-Nav and GPS devices from the House of Garmin



Garmin is a well-known name and specializes in developing GPS technology useful for automotive, outdoor, marine and aviation applications. GPS Accessories from Garmin is preferred by most users as they are quite flexible and compatible with third-party accessories. They are in competition with Fitbit and Apple companies in the smartwatch and activity tracker devices.


The eTrex GPS handheld device is rugged and lightweight. It can be operated with just one hand with five buttons. It is very easy to use, you just have to enter your destination and it indicates the direction to move (no terrain maps or street maps). The yellow color of the devices makes it easy to be located in dark conditions and when packed with a lot of other things. Garmin eTrex Updates are made available from time to time from their official website.


Garmin has a full range of advanced Sat-Nav devices named Nuvi. It comes with screen size from 5 inches to 7 inches. It comes with maps of almost all European countries with lifetime Garmin Nuvi Updates. It has the latest features like Direct Access which attempts to give more precise location which is a problem with Sat-Nav devices. It also has Foursquare Points of Interest. This feature adds user-generated recommendations for shops, restaurants, malls etc.


With the vast range of Garmin Sat-Nav and GPS devices, you can find the one that best suits your needs. The device comes with the assurance of Garmin quality, provides the latest updates downloadable from their site.