Top tools that you must have in your caravan

Caravanning is one of the most exciting this one can do. The thrill of living in a vehicle that too without compromising over the facilities is a joy in its own. But there are many things that you need to take with you so that your journey goes undisrupted.


Must have caravan tools in your toolkit


  • Wheel clamps- you can use clamps of various sizes in order to protect your vehicle from theft. You only need to buy clamps that suit the size of your wheel and also check whether the radiator is working or not.
  • Navigator- moving in the right direction is very important. It becomes very difficult to identify the right direction when you are travelling. This is where navigators like Garmin Nuvi come to save your life. And with the new Garmin Nuvi updates the features have become even more awesome.
  • Fire extinguisher- although we hope that you don’t need to use it, but safety comes first. Having a fire blanket or a fire extinguisher is a must. You really don’t know what you might have to face. This complemented with a smoke alarm will keep your journey safe at least from the fire.
  • Sandpapers- this simple thing can save you from many jamming problems. You can free all the corroded screws as well as nay jammed part using it.

This is just a simple list of things that might be of use while you caravan; there are many other things that you can include. After all, it’s your ride, make it safe and comfortable.